Filming in Puerto Rico… Every Treasure Hunter Needs a Secret Map

Posted on May 29, 2011 by Stephen Kastner | No Comments

Juan Carlos is writing… a book, his notes, a map all in a whirl of energy, like a tornado circling around a central core.

Puerto Rico Mystico, the working title of Juan’s book, consists of his historical research on the spiritually significant geographical spots of this island. He is mapping them and then observing the energy lines that connect them locally and globally.

Juan is not the first person to share with me a firm belief that Puerto Rico is the last remaining vestige of the lost continent of Atlantis. Skeptics may decide at this point, to stop reading and let their seeming scientific logic exercise its control. Atlantis is just a myth.

When I was just a boy my science teachers taught me that an atom was the smallest particle of matter in the universe. They worshipped that dogma, believing in it like Christians believe in the Bible. Then, things started to break down and continue to fracture, as we learn more and more about how little we really know. So, I accept the fact that we also know so very little of our own history as a species and of the planet as a living entity.

Of course there were greater civilizations that preceded our own. Simply pay closer attention to such things as the ancient pyramids of Egypt or the intricate modern-day crop circle phenomenon if you need persuasion. And if your fear of the unknown is so strong, then stop reading and by all means, do not visit Puerto Rico because this island is full of such enchantment.

I am here to trace those threads, to meet and interview people like Juan Carlos, to build a film that will serve as an introduction, a doorway to the spiritual dimensions of this magic island. Juan tells me about another myth, that of the Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle, birds of the south and the north. Puerto Rico is the bridge he explains, one that will permit the condor and the eagle to fly together once again. How else but via a completely Hispanic, Caribbean culture that is also a part of the United States, one where most of the people are bilingual?

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