Slik Slidin’ Away to Benro-ville… when money is no object!

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Stephen Kastner | No Comments

My Slik tripod had to go… ever since I heard the words “fluid head.”

I have had it for more than a few decades and small parts were falling off. Then last week, one of the leg locks broke off into a handful of small bits! As one reviewer says, “Sure I’d love a Manfrotto or Sachtler, but I don’t want to spend 3-5 times more for it.”


The Benro C1691T Travel Angel Transfunctional Tripod Kit with Carbon Fiber Twist Lock Legs with B0 Head would be a great replacement for the sturdy old Slik – if I was still just a “still” photographer. I am really impressed with the firm, yet extremely lightweight carbon-fiber, 4-part telescoping legs all folding down into a very trim package, with a nice zippered, shoulder sack included. It is currently (8/29/2013) priced at $485.

But, as a photojournalist turning filmmaker, I need to be able to pan and tilt a live-action shot without any hitches. I had to feel the action, so I did the evil-shopper dance down at my local Camera Corner store, asking questions and testing out all of the stuff in stock. I even checked on the rentals.

Benro C2573FS6

Above and beyond all of them, the smooth and silky feel of the Benro head was like the taste of rich, dark chocolate. I cannot stop thinking about the leap forward it will add to my work.

The Benro C2573FS6 Single Leg Video Tripod Kit has a fluid head designed for videographers …and that makes all of the difference! Price: $465.

But, out of respect to an old friend I did look at Slik’s latest and am even tempted to save some money…


Slik Pro 500HD Tripod With 500DX Leg & SH-736HD Head 615-501 615501 is now (8/29/2013) priced at $149.

…or save even more with Sunpak Tripods:

Sunpak 6200 PG digital 620-620-CPG Tripod

List Price: $89.99
Price: $29.98

If the Sunpak 620-PISTOLGRPQR Tripod, Ball Head (price below) is included, this is an amazing discount.

List Price: $49.95
Price: $24.99

 …and if all else fails:

Sunpak SPK620786 5-Inch Flex Leg Mini-Spider Tripod

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