Continuum, a Corporate World Government Threatened by Time Travellers

April 13th, 2015

Kiera Cameron (Rachel Nichols) is a detective working for a corporate police state in 2077 when she gets sucked into a time warp along with a gang of condemned terrorists. Fleeing their impending execution, they escape to Vancouver, in 2012 by leaping back in time. But, they did not plan to bring a cop along. Continuum, 3 seasons now streaming on Netflix

Kiera Cameron

Liber8 radicals leap back 65 years, on a revolutionary mission take down the corporations which have come to rule the world by 2077. The problem with this series rests within a deep inner conflict. Who are the bad guys and who are the good guys, when corporations have taken absolute control over government by way of a reverse bailout? In the future, world governments became so cash-strapped that wealthy corporations simply bought them out. It all seems way too likely from a 2015 perspective. What would a patriot do in 2077 but fight for freedom?

Liber8 hopes to avoid death while altering future history by waging war on the corporations in 2012 that would come to rule world by 2077. Cameron is a corporate “Eagle Scout,” a cybertronic lethal weapon, charged with protecting a way of life that she believes in. Suffice to say, this series won the Canadian Screen Award for Best Visual Effects and more…

Creator Simon Barry originally wrote the script as having a male lead named ‘Kyle’ – not a deadly female enforcer named Kiera. Continuum is Time Trax on steroids.

“I like these strong female role models,” says Rachel Nichols. “Carlos (Victor Webster) had a shower scene the other day, without his top on. He gets to do all the fun eye-candy stuff, and I get to kill people. It’s gritty.”

It’s also a very thought-provoking, well-crafted vision of a perfectly safe future, one efficiently sanitized by corporations for profit and without waste. But, not everyone is willing to accept the terms of citizenship. The series is entering it’s 4th season and for very good reason.

First episode date: May 27, 2012
Runtime: 45 min

(2012 Season One, 10 episodes)
(2013 Season Two, 13 episodes)
(2014 Season Three, 13 episodes)
Network: Showcase

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