Green Door Film Society Presents a Turkish Comedy at Greens N Grains in Egg Harbor, Dec 2

November 26th, 2010

Korkuyorum Anne! (English title: Mommy, I’m Scared!), written and directed by Reha Erdem is brought to Door County directly from Istanbul, Turkey by special screening guest, Mary Tsolak.

Main cast

  • Ali Düşenkalkar – Ali
  • Turgay Aydın – Keten
  • Şenay Gürler – İpek
  • Işıl Yücesoy – Neriman
  • Arzu Bazman – Omit
  • Köksal Engür – Rasih

Alternative title, “What is a human anyway?” is set in modern day Istanbul. Ali, a guy in his late twenties, has an accident while working as a taxi driver and suffers temporary amnesia. Although he partially comes to his senses, remembering many of the people who live in his apartment building, he cannot remember his father, Rasih (Koksal Engur), a retired health officer. During Ali’s struggle to sort himself out we see people all around him joining the same struggle.

The movie looks like an absurd comedy at first glance, but it explores cultural themes in an unusual circus-like ambiance. In short “Korkuyorum Anne” is not a low comedy which is aimed at belly laughs like other comedy potboilers which have been profusely produced in the last decade in Turkey. It has an intellectual side to be looked into. Sweet,original, and funny even if it looks absurd!

Our guset, Mary Tsolak will talk about the cultural aspects of the film before and afterward. She spends much of her time living in Turkesy and brings the film as a special opportunity for Green Door Film Society members.

Greens N Grains Deli will host a natural and organic dinner special before the Green Door Film Society meetings. Enjoy a delicious soup specialty, salad, a fresh baked roll and a cup of tea for $7.50, available from 6 pm on. The Film Society screenings take place at 7 pm and there is no charge for membership but seating at screenings is limited to 30 people.

Greens N Grains Natural Foods and Deli is open daily from 10 am – 5 pm – except on Film Society screening nights when they will remain open until 9 pm – in downtown Egg Harbor at 7821 Hwy 42, and can be reached at 920.868.9999 or by email at The store’s Website features news and special monthly discount flyers at

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